Monday, June 06, 2005

O dreaded 'Big N Tasty'

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You're probably wondering why i've posted the unmistakable Mc Donalds logo on my blog. Some of you might even find it mildly offensive. well i thought i should veer of my 'fresh out of oven' path for a bit here and confess my dirty deed for the day.
I was hungry, it was 12:30pm - i circled the basement of the shopping centre i was at, every square foot of it crammed with eateries - I made a quick tour. KFC, Delifrance, Coffee bean, MOS burger, Secret Recipe, Mc Donalds.... Mc Donalds.... hmmm.... Mc Donalds. And so feeling rebellious, i took a deep breath, walked in and waited in line as the throngs of students before me belted out their greedy orders. I already knew what i wanted, but tried very hard in my last few minutes of waiting for the sweaty boy in front of me to make up his mind to talk myself out of it. 'Go on, grab that juicy red apple for $0.50 and walk out of here. Don't you remember Supersize me? remember that stomach surgery and the globs of fat on that guy?'

'Ah yes? oh sure - a 'Big N Tasty' value meal please. er... make that a diet coke.'

And before i knew it, i was carrying a plastic tray and whisking my meal to a corner of the joint.

You're probably thinking 'what's the big deal? the stuff you make is LOADED with butter and sugar and heart attack inducing ingredients ' so what's the big deal about a 800 calorie lunch?
Well, firstly, i just watched Supersize me 2 weeks ago. I realise no one is supposed to eat Mc donalds 3 times a day for 30 days straight, and serves him right for putting on 20 pounds and losing his sex drive. But one can't fault the docu- film? for making you think twice before sinking your teeth into one of their juicy burgers. It drives home the fact that the stuff's just not good for you. Period.
Secondly, i'm due for a photo shoot in about 2 weeks time. i've been chosen as one of the 'talents' for my brand's regional photo shoot - the shoot is costing five countries over $100k and i'm going to be the one the photographers are going to be 'touching up' on photoshop - i should be stuffing carrtos down my throat - not a juicy burger and deep fried potatoes. They're gonna have to clock in some major overtime on photoshop edging out my gut if i'm not careful.
So there you go - pressure not to be doing what i so love - cooking, and eating eating eating!
Thirdly... i'm trying to think of thirdly - but firstly and secondly are probably sufficiently credible reasons to feel real 'naughty' about sitting in the corner on a plastic red chair and unwrapping a mayonnaise slathered burger wrapper. oooh the glee.

It was goood. I have to say i'm a fan of the 'big and tasty' burger. it's divine. but the sad part was feeling guilty the whole time i was eating it. So guilty i got up, got right back in the queue and ordered myself a chocolate hot fudge sundae. How about that eh? it's the whole 'since you're drowning yourself halfway, might as well go all the way'!

Oh well. maybe i'll be good tomorrow. Lettuce and honey red tomatoes. haha. maybe.


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