Thursday, May 05, 2005

Lemon Chiffon Delight

Bear with me - i have to rant on about my Kitchenaid. It will probably last me through a few more entries on this blog. The presence of this gleaming beauty in my kitchen has well invaded my dreams of big fluffy cakes otherwise impossible to create without the help of some amazing tools. And it didn't take long before i started fantasising about making that perfect Chiffon cake.

I have been eating chiffon cakes since i was a child. A common cake in Malaysia, a constant feature in one's neighbourhood bakery,my mum would often buy one of 2 varieties - pandan and orange. A single chiffon cake would sit on our dining table on a Saturday, slowly disappearing in quarters as the day went on.

Since migrating to a kitchen of my own, i have attempted chiffon cakes twice. Both to no particular success - the base of the cake would taste dense, and there would be a lack of 'air' in the texture. But with a Lemon Chiffon cake newly downloaded from the net, i was ready to brave it once again with my 'kitchenaid' courage.

Whisking 8 egg whites is no easy feat unless you have a kickass machine (see what i mean about the constant bragging!) i almost wanted to hug my kitchenaid in appreciation as it whisked away in whirring efficiency, whipping the egg whites into a frothy storm.

Lemon Chiffon cakes are not for those watching their cholesterol. 8 large eggs can't be all that good for you. Having said that - no butter - only half a cup of vegetable oil, hence the lack of the 'oily' aftertaste one gets from a buttery cake.

After one hour baking time in the oven, i lifted it out of it's heated cocoon to witness a chiffon cake in full bloom, all light and airy and fluffy as god intended.
My first bite was heaven. The first thought that popped into my head was 'I gotta let my mum try this' - it was the sweet taste of cakes eaten at home, purchased from the market, shared with the family. Only this time, i was eating it once again at midnight under the curious stare of my ginger cat - and i sure as hell wasn't about to share it with him.


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