Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Sweet meringues -my Kitchenaid's virgin voyage

After opening my brand new 'Kitchenaid', i lay in bed at 11pm reading the manual. It was late, and i wanted to end the night fantasising about what my 'virgin' recipe on this new toy would be. But after reading all the different speed options (10!!) it's advanced superior rotating motion (doing away with the need to scrape the bowl much), it's ability to cut butter into flour, it's 3 attachments (paddle, whisk and dough hooks)!, i got myself so worked up and excited, i had to leap out of bed and try making something with it.
It was near midnight, but the first thing i wanted to try was the much dreaded meringue. Dreaded because i've never been able to whisk it to perfect 'stiff peaks'. There was always a layer of liquid egg white still languishing at the bottom of the mixing bowl at the end of each of my attempts in the past.

My girlfriend Audrey (whom i was playing squash with the next day )is a true fan of meringues. She's the only one i know who's constantly asking me to make them at dinners / parties (i personally don't like meringues) - so my mission was set. Meringues for Audrey - Kitchenaid's virgin voyage.

So i pulled out my Donna Hay cookbook, cracked in the egg whites, poured in the sugar, the cornflour and vinegar - and set the whisk speed at speed 6 (it goes all the way up to 10. And oh my goodness - the ease in which it whisked in effortless frenzy my egg whites! Stiff peaks in no time! and what a beautiful rotating motion, quietly whirring away to the task.

I swear my mouth had fallen open. I was Bug eyed and amazed.
It is a gorgeous piece of equipment, and i recommend it to anyone who wants to bake - whether for pleasure, business, gluttony - whatever. Get one today!

Oh and yes -the meringues were perfect.


  • your meringues look perfect! 3 cheers for the brand new kitchenaid! hip hip hooray!x3

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