Tuesday, April 19, 2005

My brand new Kitchenaid!


Now that i've done the 'screaming at top of lungs in excitement' bit - let's move on.
For those who have read my first entry in this blog, you would have read that i had only started amassing my modest collection of kitchen tools over the past 2 years. i have a small oven that doesn't fit normal cookie sheets and had only recently bought an oven temperature guage. I had mentioned that i had 'lusted' after a kitchenaid - the 'MAC's' of the mixer world.

And what a beauty it is!
My boyfriend had made a recent trip to Melbourne, and had secretly looked up the distributor of Kitchen aids in Australia, having seen me salivate over them on the net. I picked him up from Changi airport when he arrived home, and saw him pick up a huge hunk of a box off the conveyor belt, and oh the excitement! i was jumping from one foot to the other as he rolled his trolley towards me, going 'is it? is it? is it what i think it is?'
What a moment of pure joy!

The funny thing is - i didn't open the box that first night. I wanted to prolong the anticipation, afraid of disappointment. I was sleepy and i didn't want to 'unwrap' it in a rush.
And so i waited one more day. And in the 'grand opening' of my much anticipated new 'toy' (given it's size, it feels more like I just got given a car rather than a 'toy') my boyfriend and i lifted it out of it's styrofoam casing. And let me tell you - it did not disappoint. All 8kg of stainless steel, gleaming red, like a well engineered sports car, polished to perfection.

I think my boyfriend (being a typical guy who appreciates his 'boys toys' - he has the latest MAC after all), had bought the Kitchenaid for me partly because he could see what a fine piece of machinery it was, all macho and heavy and solid under the flourescent lights of the kitchen.

What a gift indeed. I could not stop bragging about it all week to anyone who would understand!


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