Sunday, March 27, 2005

The best gift

Choc Chip cookies Posted by Hello

Roll the words 'chocolate Chip cookies' off your tongue and you have conjured a world of comfort, innocence and sweet, pure happiness.
So what better way to make someone smile than with your very own home made chocolate chip cookies. What you see in the picture is this Sunday's inspiration. These chocolate chip cookies were made 'post' running in the rain with a plastic bag over my head, sharing an umbrella with a kind soul at the pedestrian traffic lights ('have a great day' she called out to me after i left the safe confines of her umbrella) - and getting back half drenched, but 100% happy to have the rest of the Sunday afternoon to myself.
This is my fourth attempt at this recipe. It was taken from a book by Carole Walter called 'Great cookies'. I chanced upon this book in borders, and was discovered by my boyfriend tucked away in a corner of the book shop salivating over the pictures. I had never had big aspirations to be a cookie expert, but this book was not going to let me go - so i had to have it. On the hard back cover of this book, it proudly claims that 'Carole Walter' is the winner of the James beard award ( i'm not sure what that means - in my ignorancec, i'm going to interprete it as the nobel prize for cookie authors) - and so this book will be my bible for all cookies in all shapes and sizes (and there are so many recipes to choose from here!)
The first time i ever made these cookies, they spread after baking. I soon discovered that this usually means there is too much moisture in the dough - and refrigerating the dough for a bit helps to solve this problem (and it does!) The dark chocolate bits you see in the picture were chopped up pieces of dark toblerone that were my spontaneous attempt at 'cookie' dressing.
I find that the chocolate chips never rise to the surface the way they do in the pictures of recipe books and one needs to manually do it by hand to achieve that model cookie 'look'.

There is something so sweet about the smell of cookies wafting out of the oven. Opening the oven door every few minutes (you are not supposed to do this i'm sure) out of sheer impatience and watching them progressively crisp around the edges to a golden honey brown.

I am still trying to perfect the choclate chip cookie - thus far - the first one barely 5 minutes out of the oven (oh who am i kidding - 10 seconds out of the oven!) is the most divine. Overnight, they really don't taste half as good. I don't think i have made the 'perfect' cookie just yet - i will know it once i have tried it. I am certain the first bite of my perfect chocolate chip cookie will be like an exploding epiphany.

Having said that, i packed these off in an air tight jar to a friend who's eyes light up like no one other i have seen in the presence of chocolate (in hindsight, i probably needn't have bothered with the air tight jar -i doubt they would have lasted beyond a few hours!)
The big smile, the glee,the sheer delight on his face as he crams an entire cookie in his mouth is enough for me to make them again and again.


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