Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The beginnings

The intention of this blog is to share my baking and cooking adventures with all who share my love for food, and my new awakening into the world of wonderful (and sometimes disastrous!) creations.

The Beginnings
My love for cooking started when i moved out into my own rented place in Singapore, and could finally proudly call A kitchen 'my own'. Back home (in Malaysia), my mother's kitchen was not one that i could ever imagine taking over (and i think i speak for everyone who has a mother that cooks). They were her sauces, her spices, her carefully picked blender of 20 years. I will always have an eternal memory of her hovering nervously in the bakground on the few ocassions (mostly as a child) I have made a mess of her kitchen (making chocolate coated banana's was one such memory)

But with a kitchen of my own - a budding cook, for better or worse was born!
It's a basic kitchen wih basic utensils. To date, i still don't own a food processor, and lust after a Kitchenaid stand mixer, which i have been told are the 'MAC's' of the kitchen stand world. I have a tiny oven that doesn't fit large cookie sheets ( i bought 2 last week after stumbling upon a recommended shiny aluminium cookie sheet, clutching it to my chest as i rushed to the check out counter) - only to find when i got home that i couldn't jam it into my little faithful (but all too small ) oven.

On kitchen equipment alone, i have progressed in leaps and bounds. I still recall the look of shock on my friend Jean's face as i proudly told her I was making her orange almond cup cakes for dessert, proceeding then to measure out cups of flour in my black coffee mug (thinking that my coffee mug was as good a representation of a '1 cup' as any). So i must thank her for my first ever measuring cups (1 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup and 1/4cup!) and measuring spoons that i now cannot imagine living without!
Cooking, baking, the science and the art of it - has been an eye opener. and i feel compelled to write about it.

So for those of you who are reading this, don't expect an expert's advice on recipes or cooking techniques. I'm not an experienced cook by any means - and certainly not a trained one. It is a site about my continuing education in the wondrous world of food - of its creation, of my many mishaps, discoveries and delightful experiences. And i certainly hope you can share yours with me too.

The word 'epicurean' is defined as 'Devoted to the pursuit of sensual pleasure, especially to the enjoyment of good food and comfort.' And so this is what i will write about - and what spurs me on to cook, to create, to innovate and of course - to eat!

My first cookbook
I came to Singapore 2 years ago with 1 cookbook. It was a farewell present from a friend - her way of 'sending me off ' into my adult working world of independence. The book was called "PASTA".
My first recipe adventure from the pristine pages of this new hard cover book (with wonderful photo's of steaming pots of pasta) was a bacon and tomato penne pasta with a topping of freshly grated parmesan. I invited 2 girlfriends over and my boyfriend. It was a total success - i basked in their company, and watched them devouring their dinner with enthusiasm. And i was hooked.

I now have a fast growing collection of cookbooks that i'm beginning to suspect has become a bit of an addiction. During a particularly trying period at work ( i have a day job as a marketing / brand manager), i discovered the therapeutic properties of reading cook books to sleep. If there was a more apt definition of 'comfort' in my world, it would be about 'reading cook books in bed'. Reading about food is sensous, it fills you with a warmth that sort of starts as a nudge of longing in the stomach, but one that quickly spreads and envelopes you like a warm cup of hot chocolate.

I can't walk into Borders now without failing to browse the cook book shelves. The shelves don't change from day to day, but I'm still there - faithfully looking through the books I can't bear to buy, the books i think i might have missed, the books that i think might one day fall at my feet like a silent calling. I'm looking for another excuse to give in to temptation, to add to my growing collection.

i have gone on - and i haven't even started. now we have the background - let's get cracking on my cooking adventures!


  • Woo hoo! Blog on, bake on!


    By Blogger FunkFool, at 2:04 AM  

  • Hi Chin Ru, your feature just made me realised certain traits that has come to describe food iconics like us. Totally driven by a passion to satisfy and create beautiful yummylicious food to see those grateful looks and smiles it brings. The expression is prizeless. The knowledge spurs us on. Will continue to ear-mark your site and look forward to more cookery confessions of the chicken soup soul. Oh, lets share great recipes too!!

    By Blogger Steffles, at 7:28 PM  

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